8 April 2010



SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for Garon Wells

1.  Please allow me to provide my highest character reference for Mr. Garon Wells.   I have had the pleasure of a professional relationship with Garon for over 8 years.  As a Colonel in the United States Air Force, I have the opportunity to invest significant human and financial capital in many areas.  The capital invested in Garon has produced an amazing return on my investment, both personally and professionally.

2.  It was 2002 when the 173d Fighter Wing in Klamath Falls, put me in charge of the Air National Guard’s largest Air-To-Air, jet fighter training opportunity in the world.  We decided to expand the social agenda of the exercise to include a battle of the bands event for a crowd of nearly 1000 military and civilian personnel.   In my search for the finest Sound Man on the west coast, several individuals and agencies immediately suggested Garon as the best in the business.

3.  To my surprise, the endeavor I was undertaking became much larger than I had expected and very difficult to manage from a logistical and personnel management standpoint.  I was relieved to find that I hadn’t just contracted a Sound Man; I had contracted a leader, and an exquisite manager of people and processes.  Garon took total control of everything, from scheduling, to planning and directing, and flawlessly executing this extraordinarily large and complex event.

4.  Garon’s unique ability to lead total strangers in the midst of uncharted circumstances was amazing.  His enthusiasm, energy, and ability to connect with a diverse group of people was impressive.  And in the end, his efforts culminated in an event that now is famous nation-wide and a highlight of the military exercise.  He has returned to the event three times and executed it better and better each time.  Each time, he has a new idea of how to add new elements to the event; he is never happy with just simply “doing it again;” he doesn’t rest until it’s done better!  We rewarded Garon for his efforts by flying him in an F-15.  This is a privilege reserved for people of the highest character and support of the Armed Forces. 

5.  Finally, let me say that in all my 23 years in the military, I have never worked with a man with a higher moral and ethical code than Garon Wells.  He provided his services to the military for much less than he could have, claiming that he wanted to give something back to the men and women who gave so much to this nation.  Your decision to hire Mr. Garon Wells  will be one of the finest decisions you will make.  What you see with this man is what you get; and what you get is an honest, honorable, hard working American with the highest of standards for himself and his staff.

6.  I would be happy to further discuss the strengths that Garon will bring to your organization.  Please feel free to call me at (555) 555-5555 – Blocked for privacy. Call GLS to request for reference

  State Director of Operations (A3)

I have known Garon for approximately 8 years.  I met him during a performance I was headlining in in California.  He was the production manager of the event.  We hit it off immediately.  From technical skills, employee relations, security situations, to event management his attention to detail is unsurpassed.  So much so that I decided to hire him myself to take care of my production needs when I am on tour.

There have been many situations where I have needed him to play Wyatt Earp between myself & clients, fans and security personnel.  His demeanor and kindness shines through to all he comes in contact with.  He can get along with anyone and when he has to play hardball, he can as well, but in a way that leaves both parties in the situation walking away feeling they got the good end of the bargain.

His event management skills really shine through as well.  I can trust that he can put all the pieces together of an event without a second thought or worry that it won’t happen.  From booking hotels & organizing flights to getting the right equipment needed for the event, I can always count on Garon to come through.

Another point I want to mention about Garon is his Honesty and integrity.  When it comes to squaring up with the client at the end of the night and there is a lot of cash on the table, Garon’s fingers are never sticky.  The books always come out strait and the product sold counts match up with the funds received.  He is always looking out for my best interests and he is always looking for ways in which he can save me money and make the work that I have more profitable.

I personally highly recommend Garon for any job managing personnel, finance & event management.  I know you will not be
disappointed in your decision to hire this man.  He will take on his position like he has been doing it for years, because he really has been…..


Craig Chaquico
April 2010

Former lead guitarist, a Principal Songwriter, and Co-producer for Multi Platnum, Grammy Nominated, #1 Jefferson Starhip/Starship Band(s)  ’73 – ‘90

Multi-Instrumentalist, Award Winning, Million Selling Solo Artist and Band Leader, Grammy Nominated, #1 songs and CD’s as Artist, Composer, Producer ’90 – ‘10

GuitarPlayer Magazines Readers Poll Winner for #1 Best Pop Instrumental Guitarist,  Jazziz Magazine List of Top 100 Most Influential Guitarists of All Time

To whom it may concern,

I want to tell you about my friend, brother and partner in ministry, Garon Wells.  We have been working together since 1999.  From the first day of meeting in Medford, Or, his level of excellence, attention to detail and ability to work and lead a wide range of people captured my attention.

So much so, we have since worked from coast to coast.  When the need to travel internationally arose there was only one call I needed to make….. Garon Wells!  Garon, I need you in India for event(s) with over 100,000 people.  Garon, I need you in Europe for crazy (trust me when I say crazy) events.  Whne I need a person who “can-do-itall” truly, I make just one call… Garon Wells.  Is it sound?  Done!  Lighting?  Done!  Over-all production management?  Done!  Install?  Done!  Design?  Done!  Rallying odd groups of people together to accomplish a goal greater than himself?  Done!  Done!  Done!  Next…

I have worked with and seen Garon work in a multitude of venues from National Forests to barn’s to Ritz Carlton’s to aircraft hangers to soccer fields in India to some of the finest venue’s in Europe hasto offer.  Garon has led my teams technically and spiritually…  There are not 3 other people in the world I can say that about!

I don’t know your need(s).  I’m here to say Garon can handle it! That’s the level of trust I have in him and the teams of people he leads.  I’m staking my word on it!  Questions about Garon?  Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime for further information.  Just an FYI… If you can’t tell yet…  I’m the president of the Garon Wells fan club!

Mit freundlichen GruBen/Best Regards

Marty O’Connor
Technical Director
International Conferences