Garon Lee Sound was born out of the Garon's love for music & electronics in 1985.  Starting out in his Mom’s garage he began building a DJ system and began booking a lot of high school dances.  Being in a band, Garon always hated being called a DJ.  Garon began purchasing gear for the band and looked for rental opportunities.  It proved to be a success because the area seemed to need a resource for this type of service.

In the early 90’s the system was built up enough to support regional touring.  The company did tours with Hal Ketchum, Becky Hobbs, Dr. Hook and many other regional acts.  While doing this, Garon had other full time TD positions so it enabled him to re-invest all profits back into equipment.  Using a horse trailer as the main shipping method made some of the more “progressive clients”  look a little sideways, causing them to wonder what they had got into.  Garon felt a new production truck was in order.  In 1994 the first real production truck was purchased.  It was a 16 foot cube van with a ramp.

In 1997 Garon was so busy with the company that he had to quit his job and run the business full time.  At that point, the company had developed a good annual events calendar and regular rental clients.  A second production truck was acquired and lighting equipment was added to the menu of rental items.

Trying to answer the question  "What do we do with the rest of the week?"  in 1999 proved to be an even more exciting year for GLS with the introduction of residential installations.  Southern Oregon started getting an influx of people moving in from outside the state that wanted home theatre systems installed.  We now filled another niche!  

With a great history in production experience, people started wanting GLS to design and install systems in their churches and theatres.  In 2001 commercial installations was launched and has become one of the largest portions of the business.

The years 2002 to present have been a tremendous growth period for Garon Lee Sound.  We have been doing national and international production jobs. In 2002 our highest achievement was working with George W. Bush during a presidential visit.  Another high achievement was in 2004 working with Willow Creek Deutschland in Germany, that job continued annually for 6 more years.  2008 Elections brought on a tour with Bill & Hillary Clinton and in 2012 we did a 6 week Midwest to Eastcoast musical tour called "Burn the Floor"

This  growth has inspired the purchase of a 65ft Peterbuilt tractor-trailer and a new 4500 square foot production shop.  The recent purchase of an L’Acoustics line-array main speaker system as well as aquiring Yamaha digital consoles has brought unlimited production abilities to the company as well as setting us at, or way above any competitors.  Installations have also grown to new levels.  

We are now doing complete sound, lighting, and video integration designs and managing the projects.  Currently we are looking forward to the busiest production season ever and we have 2 large church projects on the table.

We still haven’t forgotten where we started and are willing to provide even the littlest of services.  We look forward to serving our clients no matter what their needs are.


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